Greetings Fellow Toastmasters of Division G, Founder’s District!

The end to another Toastmaster year is upon us!  Congratulations to those who set Educational (Communication) and Leadership goals over the past twelve months and with commitment and persistence successfully achieved those goals!

Thank you to Immediate Past Division G Governor, Gwen Earle for all her hard work and dedication to the team!  Your volunteer efforts are genuinely appreciated.  Over this past year you have touched the lives of many of us including myself!  Thank you for serving as our leader and congratulations for being the first Founder’s District Division Governor in the 2013/2014 year to achieve recognition as a President’s Distinguished Division!  Your team of Area Governors are very proud of you!

We wish you great success as you take on the next great challenge within Toastmasters as Founder’s District Secretary.

Thank you to our outgoing Area Governors, Tracey Fullenkamp Area G1, Valerie Ojeman Area G2, Chester Ritchie Area G3 and Gayle Larkin Area G5!  In so many ways (too many to mention in fact) each of you contributed to the success of Division G this year!  We hosted fantastic Area and Division Contests, Club Officer Training events and made a difference in the lives of others!

Special thanks for the role you played in assisting these Clubs as they reached Distinguished (or better) recognition.  In addition, congratulations to the many committed Toastmasters who served as Club Officers this past year and played a pivotal role in helping their clubs have a strong year.  The Distinguished Club program offers us a measurement standard that is a reflection of club health and overall Member satisfaction and those of you who worked towards the achievement of this coveted recognition deserve to be applauded!  (The information provided below is based on Dashboard Reports at the time of preparing this article)

President’s Distinguished

Rancho Speech Masters Toastmasters Club –

UniMasters –

Coastmasters Toastmasters Club –

Possibilities Unlimited Club –

Fluent Philosophers Club –

Saddleback Sunrise Speakers Club –

OC Toasters –

ToastMaster Gardeners of OC

Tongue Tamers Club –

Select Distinguished

San Clemente Toastmasters –

Challengers Toastmasters Club –

Easy Speakers –

Panasonic Flying Toasters –

KBB Toastmasters –

Saddleback Valley Toastmasters Club –

CCI’s Articulate Actuators –

Irvine Toastmasters Club –

In addition to all the hard work devoted to the growth and continued success of existing clubs I am proud to say that we have added a new Club to the Division G family this year!

Newly Charter Club

South Orange County Toastmasters –

Our New Clubs Chair, John Barry and his team are working diligently as they gain momentum in hopes of launching a new community club in Laguna Beach.  Special thanks to John, Linda Robinson, Marie-Noelle Palermo, Gwen Earle, Rob Swineford, Sherry Tomasula and Mark Kasperowicz for their time and dedication to this very worthwhile cause!

As we gear up for the new Toastmaster year these past two weeks have been extremely busy!  This past Thursday many of us attended the Founder’s District Officer Induction Ceremony and on Saturday June 28 the entire Founder’s District team attended Area, Division and Division Treasurer training!

Here is our Division G team for the 2014/2015 Toastmaster year:

Assistant Division G Governor: Jeanette Salazar

Area G1 Governor: Jocelyn Litiatco

Area G2 Governor: Linda Robinson

Area G3 Governor: Iqbal Rana

Area G4 Governor: Marie-Noelle Palermo

Area G5 Governor: Susan De la Portilla

Division G Treasurer: Munni Krishnan

Division G Secretary: Careena Dudic

Marketing and PR Chair: John Foley

Division Contest Chair: Jeanne Cassidy

Area Contest Chair (Fall 2014): Marie-Noelle Palermo

Area Contest Chair (Spring 2015): Iqbal Rana

New Clubs Chair: John Barry

Club Coach and Mentor Chair: Marguerite Bonnett

Education, Training and DCP Chair: Lauren Kelly

Contest Chief Judge: Colette Gardner

We are still in need of additional volunteers to fill some critical roles so please let me know if you would like to offer you expertise to this energetic and enthusiastic group!

I look forward to working with this fine group of men and women as we strive to continue Division G’s tradition of President’s Distinguished for the 2014/2015 year!

The Division G theme for this year is: “Members Matter Most!”

And we will be encouraging all of you to “Get with the P.R.O.G.R.A.M.”

Persistence ● Recognition ● Opportunities ● Growth ● Responsiveness ● Achievement ● Motivation

Wishing you all the best in your Toastmaster journey!

Marshall Northcott, Division G Governor, Founder’s District


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11 thoughts on “Greetings Fellow Toastmasters of Division G, Founder’s District!

    • Thanks C.W.! I appreciate you sending the images from your Club Officer Induction Ceremony, I have created an album on the Division G Facebook Page! I challenge your Members to “Capture the Cup”, see details on the Division Blog!

  1. Hi Marshall… You hit a nerve!!! A good nerve…. With my time limitaions, lets talk about how I can support you and Division G this year! YAHOO… did I see what your vision is for this year???

  2. Thank you Lauren! We will connect and determine how your talents and experience can add to the mix and help us rise to new heights in Division G!

  3. Looking forward to another great LACE Training, and seeing some of our old friends there. Raymond McCullough, Challengers-734.

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