Announcement – Division G Challenge!

Capture the Cup!

Sponsored by the Division G Governor

Capture the Cup!
Capture the Cup!

How does it work?

The cup will begin its journey at the Home Club of Division G Governor, Marshall Northcott.

In order to successfully capture the cup and bring it home to your club you must do the following:

Contact the V.P. of Education at the Club that currently holds the cup!

Arrange to have two Members of your club attend the cup-holding club’s meeting.

One of the guests must deliver a speech and the other must agree to take on an evaluator role.  The guest speaker will be evaluated by a Member of the cup-holding club and the guest evaluator will evaluate a speaker (Member) of the cup-holding club.  At the end of the meeting the Cup must be relinquished to the guests and the Division Governor must be notified immediately.  Updates will be posted on the Division G Blog and the Division G Facebook Page.

To make arrangements to speak and evaluate at the current cup-holding club, please visit their website for contact information: Saddleback Valley Toastmasters


Watch for Updates!


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