Announcement for Immediate Past Division G Leaders!

Congratulations to Gayle Larkin who recently achieved DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) distinction.  It takes an enormous amount of time, focus and commitment to achieve the DTM Education Award.  The completion of Gayle’s term as Area G-5 Governor and her HPL (High Performance Leadership) project as the Area Contest Chair helped her to cross the finish line!  A very low percentage of members reach this level of education achievement in Toastmasters.  Congratulations Gayle!  We are very proud of you!!

In addition, I recently achieved my Advanced Communicator Silver designation.  Thanks to Dan Cossack with the Lensmasters Club, I’m now on my way to achieving DTM distinction hopefully this TI term.

Take good care and I wish you much success with achieving your Toastmasters


education goals!

All the Best!

Gwen Earle ACS, ALS

Immediate Past Division G Governor

Founder’s District Secretary 2014-2015


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