Ten Commandments for the Sgt. at Arms

  1. Key Club Contact with those who own and/or manage the facility (meeting space) that your Members gather at. Responsible for maintaining excellent relations with the people that provide your meeting space.  Primary person charged with locating alternate meeting space in the event of loss of your Club’s current meeting location.  Focal point of all communication between the Club Executive and the Meeting Space Owners/Managers.
  2. First to arrive and the last to leave.
  3. Room set up.
    • Set up tables, chairs, banner, lectern, timing light, stop watch and other equipment and supplies as requested by the Club Executive Team and/or Membership.
    • Distribute all materials that are used during the weekly meetings (i.e. ballots, ribbons, agendas etc.)
    • Return the meeting space to its original state after the meeting is adjourned.
  4. Official Club Greeter.
  5. Management of Club Inventory (i.e. supplies) and also Club Property.
    • Keep items safe and secure.
    • Monitor supplies and communicate need to replenish consumables with the Treasurer and/or Club President.
  6. Opening Official for each Club Meeting, responsible for introducing the Club President.
  7. Special duties include:
    • Setting up stage area as requested by individual speakers and/or presenters (i.e. moving equipment, tables, chairs, the lectern or situating props etc.)
    • Distribute handouts for club activities or to assist speakers and presenters.
    • Ushering and sequestering of contestants during speech and evaluation contests.
  8. Chairing of social and reception committee.
  9. Have contact information for all Members readily available in case you need to communicate emergencies or last minute cancellations.
  10. Train a backup person for occasions when you are not available and also as part of your succession planning.

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