Club Officer and Judges Training Follow Up

On Thursday July 24, 2014 38 Club Officers and soon to be Contest Judges attended training offered by the Division G, District Officer Team!

Mackenzie and Jeanette on the Registration Desk

Congratulations to those who attended!  Your commitment and dedication to your Clubs is admirable!

Based on the feedback received the training event was a huge success!  Many of those in attendance expressed their appreciation and complimented the team on the quality of the training that they received!

Special thanks to the following individuals for their contributions:

Marie-Noelle Palermo, Area G4 Governor – President Training

Cindy and Marie-Noelle chatting before the training.

Linda Robinson, Area G2 Governor – V.P. of Education Training

Susan De Laportilla, Area G5 Governor – V.P. Membership Training

John Barry, Division G New Clubs Chair – V.P. of Public Relations Training

Marshall Northcott, Division G Governor – Secretary Training

Iqbal Rana, Area G3 Governor – Treasurer Training

Cindy & Jocelyn ready for the Sgt. at Arms Training to begin.

Jocelyn Litiatco, Area G1 Governor – Sgt. at Arms Training

Carolynn Bramlett, Co-Chief Judge, Founders District – Judges Training

Jeanette Salazar, Assistant Division G Governor – Registration

Mackenzie Ulrikson, President South Orange County Toastmasters – Registration

For those Club Officers in Division G who have not yet attended training there are still some make-up training sessions available, please contact your Area Governor for additional details.

Sherry, Vicki and John socializing before the training.

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