What makes a great Toastmaster?

Examples are abundant in our Division G, and recently I was honored to present the ‘Distinguished Toastmaster’ Pin and Badge to Gayle Larkin – one of those great and amazing Toastmasters.

During my visit to her club – Possibilities Unlimited Toastmasters Club – I discovered a vibrant and welcoming club filled with both experienced and new members, supporting each other with fun and enthusiasm for success.

Thinking back to the question… What makes a great Toastmaster?  There are many answers to this simple question, but first and foremost it is about you!  Yes, you – and other men & women just like you who walk into a Toastmasters meeting – not knowing what to expect – yet finding a true passion for their personal development in leadership and speaking skills.

Gayle Larkin, DTM and Linda Robinson, Area G2 Governor
Gayle Larkin, DTM and Linda Robinson, Area G2 Governor

The journey begins with a few words, gradually expanding into thoughtful and dynamic speaking.  Each speech is a stepping stone – but where does it lead?  Only you can answer that… for some it is the challenge to become an excellent public speaker; for others it may be perfecting leadership skills that lead to a promotion.  Through your own actions and commitment you will achieve the highest level of success a Toastmaster can realize – just like Gayle.

Linda Robinson ACB, ALB
Founder’s District, Division G, Area G2 Governor

“Members Matter Most!”
Get with the P.R.O.G.R.A.M.
Persistence Recognition Opportunities Growth Responsiveness Achievement Motivation

Division G Website: https://toastmastersdivisiong.wordpress.com/
Find Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DivisionGFoundersDistrict


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