New Corporate Club at CoreLogic

On Wednesday August 20, 2014, the steering committee at CoreLogic (40 Pacifica, Suite 900, Irvine, CA 92618) held an information session that was open to all CoreLogic Orange County Employees.


They had a packed house with a total of 57 heads in attendance including their steering committee members.

The event was promoted with the following message: Toastmasters is a learn-by-doing workshop in which participants hone their speaking and leadership skills in a positive learning environment. Whether you’re a robust presenter or painfully shy – through Toastmasters, you will discover proven techniques to easily craft and deliver presentations that help you radiate confidence, competence and clout!

The main attraction was internationally, top-rated speaker Sheryl Roush who presented a one hour module titled: “How to Enhance your Listening, Thinking and Speaking Skills”

The interactive seminar included a quick communication skills assessment that was ideal for every level of management and presenter.

The seminar, promised that attendees would walk away with insights and ideas to:

  • Understand what their audience needs
  • Shorten preparation time and lengthen impact
  • Leverage the 7 modalities of interpersonal communication
  • Make Toastmasters a key to their personal and professional success

CoreLogic is committed to their employee’s growth. They wanted those in attendance to find out how the Company would reward those committed to driving their own personal development, by being one of the first forty members to join the newly Chartered Club.

Cayleen Portillo, Coordinator in Human Resources at CoreLogic and the steering team pulled together an awesome event to introduce their employees to the world of Toastmasters! They should be proud of their efforts and based on the commitments and interest expressed afterwards they are well on their way to forming their new club! Congratulations on a tremendous beginning!

From left to right: Justin Diemert – VP, PR, Marie-Noelle Palermo Area G4 Governor, Kathy Son – Treasurer, Sheryl Roush, Cayleen Portillo – VPE, Jeff Cahow – VPM and Linda Goy – Secretary

Special thanks to those from Founder’s District including New Clubs Chair, Norm and Frannie Stein who attended in support of the event and also to Division G representatives including Division G Governor, Marshall Northcott and Area G4 Governor, Marie-Noelle Palermo who will be serving as their Area Governor once the club is officially Chartered.

Marie-Noelle Palermo, Area G4 Governor and Sheryl Roush

A demonstration meeting is scheduled for the first week of September.


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