Mentoring Matters

Being a mentor is one of the best things you can do. There are many reasons why being a mentor is valuable to the other person. They get the value of your expertise, knowledge, and experience. They get a chance to advance more rapidly and create greater success than they would have been able to without your insight and advice.

By mentoring others with care and compassion, you benefit personally from sharing your expertise as well. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • You’ll develop a closer relationship with your mentee and derive mutual benefits.

  • You’ll be re-energized personally – when you ignite a spark in someone else, you are in turn ignited.

  • You’ll increase your own skills & learning.

  • You’ll expand your impact and increase leadership skills.

  • You’ll enhance your self-esteem. It feels good to help others.

  • You’ll grow more confident by making a difference!

  • You’ll leave a legacy by empowering your mentee to follow in your footsteps.

Marie-Noelle Palermo, Area G4 Governor, Division G, Founder’s District


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