What do you think of when you hear the word success?  What does success mean to you?
Success is often associated with the end of an endeavor.
Many years ago I was introduced to the following definition of Success:
Success is the progressive realization of a predetermined worthwhile dream or goal.
With that definition in mind, success is definitely the pinnacle point of a journey.
Success can be a fleeting moment!  It can be experienced in many forms.  It can be the roaring of the crowd as the final seconds tick away in competition, it can be a message of congratulations on a job well done, it can be that feeling of satisfaction in knowing that you have achieved what you set out to accomplish, it can come in the form of monetary reward or financial gain, it can be the arrival to a final destination.
As a trainer, an educator and a coach I have my own perspectives on the word success.
When people are asked to set a goal or tell you what they are striving for, I despise it when they say, “Success”.
I would be the first to tell them you cannot say success, success is just a big fuzzy word that has no substance.  You may as well say I want to reach the end, the point where it is all over!  Now I know what some of you are saying, “That is exactly what I wanted after a short period into my term as a District Officer!”
I would tell them that they have to communicate more clearly what they are striving for in terms of outcomes.  They would need to be able to give me a target date for completion, tell me why the goal is important to them, how they will feel when the goal is achieved, what resources are required or available to achieve the goal and what specific measures of success they will use to track their progress.
In my opinion, as a society we place too much emphasis on the word success.  Although we celebrate success, it is the strategic by-products of success that are far more worthy of recognition.
In most of the endeavors that I set out to accomplish my primary goal is to set others up for success!  I strive to use the wisdom of personal experience (my own mistakes and failures) to see the enemies of progress and remove the obstacles if it is within my powers to do so.  I leverage the knowledge provided to me by mentors and subject matter experts to pave the way for those that I am working with.
With all of this in mind I say this, leaders of the past, I hope you feel that you have experienced the progressive realization of a predetermined worthwhile dream or goal!  More importantly, I hope that you are aware of the strategic by-products of success.  I hope that you have positively impacted the lives of others and in doing so enriched your own life!  I also hope that you have strived to set your successors up for success!  And finally, leaders of the future, I hope that you have set your sights on the progressive realization of a predetermined worthwhile dream or goal!  I hope that you are ready to lead, ready to learn and ready to make a powerful and positive difference.  I hope that you are planning for success and even more importantly I hope you are strategically strategizing to ensure that you can pave the way to set those on your team in the years to come, up for success!

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