Want to Lead, Learn How to Promote!

It’s been said that there are three kinds of people in this world, those that make things happen, those that watch things happen and those that say what the heck just happened?  We all know that leaders are the ones that make things happen and they do so by consciously promoting the going concerns!
Our tag line for Founder’s District, Division G for 2014/2015 is “Members Matter Most!”  In order to stand behind this statement the leaders in Division G know that it is our responsibility to create awareness, engage the membership and encourage participation in ways that we know will serve the Members and benefit them the most!
For some time I have been concerned about the fact that so many people are short changed and miss out on wonderful life experiences and growth opportunities because of those who fail to adequately support and promote many of initiatives that are available within this organization.Alphabet blocks
No matter what level you are at within this organization or any other group for that matter there are common denominators that make or break the effectiveness of the group and the individual experiences of everyone associated with it.  The desire to promote and the ability to do so in the most ideal manner is critical!  Getting people on board, buying in, signing up, volunteering, supporting, participating, challenging themselves, stepping up, stepping out and working towards the creation of the most ideal environment is the leader’s responsibility and when they fail to live up to the expectations of this assignment, people (the Members) suffer for it and they have let them down.
Here is a comparison of what you will observe when you compare how a disengaged, unresponsive individuals think, act and behave vs. the execution of a high performing leader when it comes to promotion.

Poor Example

Exceptional Example

Communicates little or no information – keeps things to themselves – blocks the flow of information Broadcasts and communicates information – shares everything – passes the messages along
Thinks for people and makes decisions for them Shares the information and lets people decide for themselves
Mentally centered in a place of fear, insecurity and/or isolation Mentally centered in a place of excitement, confidence and/or community
Selfish – only shares if it is good for them or serves them in some way Unselfish – wants to expose people to their options and opportunities
Doesn’t share, does so in a negative, non-supportive way, spreads the word sheepishly or uses mitigating verbal and body language Shares in a positive and supportive way, spreads the word with assertiveness, uses language that projects conviction, instills resolve and invokes action
Considers how sharing will impact them and if it creates more work for them or makes them appear incompetent, incapable or deficient in any manner then they won’t promote Considers how sharing will impact others and if it is the right thing to do despite how it may make them look they will promote for the benefit of others
If it is something that they don’t believe in, support, have no knowledge of, aren’t going to participate in then they will keep it quiet If it is something that they have no experience with then they will learn about it and promote it themselves or they will find someone who can speak from a point of understanding and have them do the promotion
Lacks energy, excitement and positive emotion Projects energy, excitement and passion
Thinks of promotion as selling and whitewashing which in their mind is negative Thinks of promotion as sharing wonderful opportunities and pleasant experiences
Pays little or no attention to what is promoted, thinks people will ask if they have questions or they are interested Has their radar up, pays attention and makes sure people are exposed and aware of what is being offered and/or available
Has little or no time for incoming information or dismisses it as unimportant (not their priority, therefore not a priority), sees the responsibility as a burden or unnecessary Invests the time to view incoming information and makes it a priority – has others on the team keeping watch as well to make sure nothing slips through the cracks, sees the responsibility as an honor, is thrilled to play a role in the successful executive of the duty
Reserved, slow paced, introverted, quiet, shy, not comfortable with the idea or responsibility of promotion Outgoing, fast paced, extroverted, promoter, who is confident with promotion – may also be someone who decided to overcome the opposite characteristics
Whines, makes excuses, complains, filled with negativity (says things like, we used to do that or our group isn’t interested in that) Speaks positively, gives reasons, eliminates excuses, persuades, influences, changes thinking, behaviors and actions
Attracts likeminded individuals and weakness Attracts likeminded individuals and strength
Slow or reluctant to act, creates no sense of urgency, doesn’t care about deadlines imposed by others Quick to take action, presents in a manner that emphasizes and instills urgency, see deadlines as critical and uses them to drive commitment and results
Promotion engages people, it builds teams, it creates cohesiveness, it stretches, encourages, lifts up and causes ordinary people to take on extraordinary challenges!  Promoters inspire they push people to rise above mediocrity by taking chances and in doing so taking control of their destiny!  Want to change the world?  Begin by changing yourself!  If you’ve never been a promoter, get on the band wagon and begin.  It may be difficult at first but stick with it and soon you will find that people are thanking you for speaking up and letting them know about events, opportunities to participate and how they can contribute to the greater good!
By carefully selecting your leaders you significantly increase the odds of setting those who are under their authority and/or leadership up for far greater success.  Beware of false leaders who are more interested in the title than they are in serving those who awarded them with the position in the first place.  Choose your leaders with caution and look for those who set exceptional examples with relation to promotion.  They are the ones who will blaze a trail, while sounding out the battle cry, spurring their team of followers along, all the while fueling the organization with positive energy that inspires and lifts others to greater levels of achievement!

Marshall Northcott, Division G Governor, Founder’s District

“Members Matter Most!”

Get with the P.R.O.G.R.A.M.

Persistence ● Recognition ● Opportunities ● Growth ● Responsiveness ● Achievement ● Motivation

Division G Website: https://toastmastersdivisiong.wordpress.com/

Find Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DivisionGFoundersDistrict


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