What a Difference a Goal Makes!

At the beginning of the Toastmaster Year (July 1, 2014) the Division G Team committed to Chartering five new clubs.  If you believe as I do that the Toastmaster experience and involvement in the program changes lives then how could you not get excited about sharing this opportunity with over one hundred new members?   Where does the one hundred new members come from?  Simple math, you need a minimum of 20 people to charter a club, therefore 5 times 20 equals one hundred!  Truth is when it is all said and done it likely ends up being more than one hundred which is all the better.  Not only do you immediately impact the lives of one hundred people in a positive way, you start something that has the power to do so, for who knows how many people for years into the future!

Samantha Sverdloff and Stephanie Buchanan of Thales In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity

Congratulations to the folks at Thales Avionics!  They have reached the minimum requirement for Charter members and they are days away from officially chartering as a new club in Division G!  That makes 4 new clubs for the year to date and we have several more hot leads that we are pursuing so stay tuned because there is more great news to come!

John Barry, Division G New Clubs Chair

Thank you John Barry for your continued commitment to club growth!  Your team is on a huge roll and we salute you for taking charge and leading the way!

Cindy Carpenter, The Creative Fireball

Cindy Carpenter has been a huge blessing and a welcomed part of our demonstration team!  Her inspirational story has made it easy for people to make the decision to join as new members!  Thank you Cindy for making a positive difference in our efforts and the lives of others!

John Foley, Division G Marketing and PR Chair (Member of South Orange County Toastmasters)

We also express our gratitude to the many volunteers who participate in the launch/demonstration meetings that we schedule with prospective clubs so that Toastmaster prospects can experience a model Toastmaster meeting.

Opening Introductions
Smiles all Around After the Meeting

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