Build Your Value and Increase Your Worth with Transferable Skills!

It easy to minimize or diminish the personal and professional growth opportunities that await people who are willing to step up and lean into the challenge of leadership within a Toastmaster Club.  This is an except from an email that I recently received from a Division Governor in Founder’s District.  She was working with a Club President at a Corporate Club and the club had announced that they were going to fold because of corporate lay offs.  This Division Governor took a very different approach with this Club President.  She emphasized the need for transferable skills especially because the remaining club members were potentially faced with same fate as others who had received their termination of employment notice.  If you’re considering a role as a club officer you need to read this!  If you’re wondering why you need to attend training (or attend training again) then you need to read this!  If you’re not sure what you’re going to gain from the experience as a club officer then you need to read this!  And lastly if you’re currently serving as a club officer and you’re under serving the membership then you need to read this so you understand how you are potentially falling short of your responsibilities…

Even if any of you have been trained as an club officer before, you are not just showing up for a checklist. You are showing up as an elected representative of your club and you have an amazing opportunity to harness the transferable skills you can learn as a dedicated club officer.  Skills that will enable you to provide real-world solutions to real-life problems within Toastmasters and beyond.  What am I talking about?


Transferable Skills that you can harness in each of the club officer roles when you embrace the opportunity:

  • President: Team building/Leading, Strategic Planning/Guidance, Conflict Resolution, Negations/Project management, Meeting Facilitation, Time Management, Parliamentary Processes, Consulting, Coaching and Networking

  • Vice President of Education: Scheduling, Conflict Resolution, Negotiations, Strategic Planning, Time Management, Recognition Incentives, Event/Meeting Planning, Personnel Development, Career Planning, Training and Networking

  • Vice President of Membership: Personnel Orientation, Personnel Development, Career Planning, Customer service, Public Relations, Reward/Incentive, Planning, Campaign Development, Marketing and Sales, Consulting, Seminar Development and Networking

  • Vice President of Public Relations: Media Relations, Campaign Development, Reward/Incentive, Planning, Consulting, Journalism, Publications, Advertising and Promotion, Photography, Graphic Design, Seminar Development and Networking

  • Club Secretary: Report Writing, Policy Administration, Purchasing, Order Processing, Historian/Librarian, Research, Document Control and Event Coordination

  • Club Treasurer: Budget Preparation, Revenue Tracking, Revenue Forecasting, Revenue Generation, Money Management, Policy Administration, Purchasing and Consulting

  • Sergeant at Arms: Report Writing, Inventory Management, Master of Ceremonies, Interpersonal/Communication Skills, Customer Service, Negotiations, Consulting and Event Planning

  • Immediate Past President: Team Building, Strategic Guidance, Consultation, Training, Coaching, Career Planning, Parliamentary Processes and Policy Administration


Karen Marie Baumgartner
Division H Governor
Division H | Make Yourself.
Charter Member & Club President of #1010248 Caltech Toastmasters, A 2014 President’s Distinguished Club
Member, #3866 That’s Debatable


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