Division G – A President’s Distinguished Division

Once again, for the 2014/2015 year, Division G has achieved the status of President’s Distinguished Division!  We are very proud of this achievement because of what it means at both the club and member level.

Left to Right – Area G2 Governor, Linda Robinson, Area G4 Governor, Marie-Noelle Palermo and Area G1 Governor Jocelyn Litiatco

The Distinguished Club, Area, Division and District scoring system is a measurement of both health and overall member satisfaction at all levels of the organization.  Not all Clubs, Areas, Divisions and Districts meet the minimum requirement that gets them recognized at the Distinguished level.  Even fewer go on to be recognized as Select Distinguished and the highest level of achievement President’s Distinguished is reserved for those rare groups that go above and beyond to meet the most challenging criteria.

Division G’s track record has been consistent for several consecutive years now and this should not be a surprise to anyone! Pound for pound, Division G has the highest percentage of top performing clubs and members in Founder’s District!

Screenshot (91)

Some may consider this to be bragging but it isn’t, it is simply fact!  The high performing expectation that has become the standard within so many of the clubs in Division G is contagious and it infects the performance and attitudes of a high percentage of the members, clubs and the leaders within our Division.  Simply put, we just have more members and leaders who expect more from themselves and also from their teams!

Are we perfect, no, far from it.  Like all other Divisions, we have leaders within clubs that have gone off the reservation and decided to play by their own set of rules and yes these are the clubs that continue to struggle to maintain a strong membership bases and better than average retention rates.  The good news is that we just have fewer of these.

If you don’t think that the Distinguished Club, Area, Division and District Program is relevant, applicable or important then you need a check up from the neck up!  You couldn’t be more incorrect.  You show me any group at any level that is achieving the Distinguished or better (especially President’s Distinguished) and I will show you a Club, Area, Division and/or District that has the highest level of health, member engagement, retention, solid educational program and individual and group goal achievement.

Our theme in Division G this year was and continues (until June 30) to be “Get with the Program”.  If you don’t know what the Distinguished Club (Area, Division or District) Program is then I encourage you to find out, figure it out and start talking it up as much as possible within your club and beyond!  In my opinion if you don’t know about the Program and thoroughly understand it then you cannot offer any significant degree of leadership at any level within this organization.

We don’t want a single Club, Area, Division or District within the Toastmasters family to achieve President’s Distinguished. We want all groups at all levels to strive to achieve this level of recognition!  For those of us who know the Program and understand the value of this method of measurement we know that until you have set course for President’s Distinguished, you are not offering your members the best overall experience that your Club can provide for them.  As the 2014/2015 year comes to an end this is the perfect time for you to hit the reset button, reevaluate and set your sights on higher levels of achievement for the members that you serve.

If as a leader, achieving President’s Distinguished hasn’t been the minimum expectation that you have set for those that you serve, commit to turning the page, focusing forward and doing what needs to be done in order to raise the bar and set a new tone and level of expectation moving forward!  I promise you that it will take extra effort and when the year comes to a conclusion you will be so glad that you decided to take action and be a game changer!

Marshall Northcott, DTM, Division G Governor, Founder’s District

President’s Distinguished Division 2014/2015

“Members Matter Most!”

Get with the P.R.O.G.R.A.M.

Persistence ● Recognition ● Opportunities ● Growth ● Responsiveness ● Achievement ● Motivation


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