Club Meeting Assessment

V.P. of Education Checklist for Quality Club Meetings

  • Attendees know time and location in advance
  • Everyone arrives early for pre-meeting planning and preparation (i.e. exchange of manuals)
  • Roles have been assigned and filled prior to start time
  • New members or those new to roles are provided with role descriptions in advance
  • Toastmaster assigned, has assumed responsibility for the meeting, members informed
  • Toastmaster communicated with membership in advance fully prepared behind the scene
  • Toastmaster addressed issues on an individual basis and coordinated with V.P. of Education
  • Last minute meeting coordination/discussion takes place behind the scenes
  • Meeting participants are prepared prior to meeting
  • Meeting agenda includes roles, names of assigned individuals, Toastmaster branding etc.
  • Meeting agenda prepared, completely filled in, printed and distributed before start time
  • V.P. of Education, Toastmaster and General Evaluator aware of last minute roles to fill
  • Guests have been greeted, acknowledged, seated and introduced to key members
  • Meeting starts on time
  • Guests are acknowledged by Club President in opening remarks and asked for brief introduction
  • Members know their roles, they have adequately prepared and they role model for others
  • Members are reminded to exchange their Competent Leadership Manuals for evaluation
  • Balanced member participation level (not one, two or three people dominating the meeting)
  • Atmosphere is fun, people are enjoying themselves, also conducive to learning
  • Table Topics Master is prepared, selects speakers without roles in advance, invites guests
  • Speaker and Meeting Evaluations were positive, supportive and provided feedback for improvement
  • Meeting participants (including New Members) execute their duties flawlessly
  • Announcements are made, Member achievements are acknowledge and celebrated
  • Roles assigned and confirmed for next meeting, vacancies filled
  • New members assigned with a Mentor and added to T.I. and Club website
  • Follow through with follow up communication after meeting



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