Are You Learning New Habits or Unlearning Old Habits?

This video has many teaching applications.  In Toastmasters we are often trying to overcome what we already know or unlearn something so that we can replace old (and often bad) habits with new ones that will produce preferred results.  We also find that many people use their own inhibitions and even intimidation as a justification for opting out (not joining as a member) because when they observe someone doing something that they, in the moment, don’t believe they are capable of doing it is in their minds a reason (actually an excuse) for not going through the pain of learning.  People create unrealistic learning expectations in their minds and then get frustrated when their rate of progress doesn’t match with those unrealistic expectations.  This is a fun video and it is family friendly!  Prepare to learn something that you can apply to yourself and also use in the future when you are teaching or explaining learning principles to others.


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