Division G – Youth Leadership Program

Think of the successful leaders you know.  They probably have one trait in common, the ability to communicate effectively.  Every young person has the potential to become a good communicator and leader, but this potential needs to be developed.  Young people need the Youth Leadership program so they can grow to meet the challenges of adulthood and leadership successfully.

Youth Leadership

What is the Youth Leadership Program?

The Youth Leadership Program is designed to help young people develop effective communication skills, leadership skills and self-confidence.  Participants are typically under 18 years old.

How much does it cost for the participants?

There is no fee to participants.  The sponsoring club provides all materials; such as the Participant’s Handbook.

What is the incentive for parents of the participants or the community at large?

The Youth Leadership Program gives parents an opportunity to provide their children the skills to meet the challenges in school and professional life.  The program fosters growth and teaches valuable skills necessary to become tomorrow’s leaders in industry and in the community.

Who can coordinate a Youth Leadership program?

Any experienced toastmaster that has completed six or more projects in the Competent Communication manual may conduct a Youth Leadership Program.  The program must be approved and sponsored by your Toastmaster club.  The club President appoints a program coordinator who, in turn, may appoint an assistant.

What is the benefit to the Youth Leadership Program coordinator?

The coordinator will enjoy time with the young leaders of tomorrow, learn and develop teaching skills and receive credit towards their Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG) award.  By sponsoring and coordinating a program, clubs and coordinators promote Toastmasters in the community.

Where do you find participants?

There are many sources to find young people: local civic clubs such as YMCA, religious groups, schools and the community at large.  Each program should have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 25 participants. The ideal number is 15 to 20 participants.

What is the content of the program?

The program consists of eight sessions with each session lasting about 1–2 hours.  Participants learn to prepare an organized speech, present ideas logically, listen effectively, evaluate what they have heard, offer advice and to conduct effective business meetings.  Activities taking place in the eight sessions include the following:

  • Evaluation of present speaking ability
    Discussion of chairmanship principles
    Presentation of speeches
    Impromptu talks
    Group evaluation
    Discussion of speech organization
    Discussion and practice in listening
    Discussion of gestures in speaking
    Discussion of voice and vocabulary
    Exercise in chairmanship

Where can I find help?

Complete the form below to notify the Founder’s District, Division G, Youth Leadership Chair if you want a program in your area or are coordinating a program for your Club:



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