Founder’s District Annual Awards Dinner

On August 26, 2015 the Founder’s District leadership team gathered to celebrate our successes from the 2014/2015 year at our annual District Executive Council Awards Dinner.

Congratulations to long term Toastmaster Member John Barry of Saddleback Sunrise Speakers!  Out of over 4500 Members John was recognized as the standout for 2014/2015 and the Toastmaster of the Year for Founder’s District.  His contributions and accomplishments were both broad and deep.  He served as LACE Co-Chair, Division G New Clubs Chair and had significant involvement in 11 new club start ups, in addition to many other facilitation and leadership activities at Division and Area contests and club officer training events!  Thank you John for your time and dedication to this organization and the members within Founder’s District!  We are all very proud of you and we salute you for all that you have invested into the development of others!

Toastmaster of the Year
John Barry, Division G, New Clubs Chair, Founder’s District Toastmaster of the Year for 2014/2015

It is wonderful to be recognized for all of the volunteer efforts and I am grateful for the acknowledgement! No singular person can claim a victory such as this without a team effort! It takes a team of dedicated individuals to achieve accomplishments like this!

Toastmaster of the Year and Div Gov
John Barry, Toastmaster of the Year and Marshall Northcott, Division Governor of the Year

We had a core of people who stepped up in varying capacities to help us ramp up new clubs and support them as they were laying a foundation and establishing roots. What I don’t want to forget is all of the people who made the successes in Founder’s District, Division G, possible between July 1 , 2014 and June 30, 2015.

If you played a role in this accomplishment then these awards are as much yours as they are mine. Thanks to everyone who lended a hand in launching 9 new clubs in Founder’s District, Division G!


In addition, leaders emerged within each club and we were able to transfer ownership to them and move on to other new club building activities. I dedicate these symbols of recognition to these people:

John Barry, Division G New Clubs Chair
Linda Robinson, Area G2 Governor
Marie-Noelle Palermo, Area G4 Governor
Jocelyn Litiatco, Area G1 Governor
Susan De La Portilla, Area G5 Governor
Cindy Carpenter
John Foley
Kian Boloori
Sudhanwa Karmarkar
Stephanie Buchanan
Dave Cornelius
Lori Cantley
Rigo Guzman
Tom Sheltraw
Gwen Earle
Alex Palermo
Nigel Blackwell
Chester Ritchie
Jerry Bryant
Maria Manalili
Camille Rivera
Cayleen Portillo
and Thomas Helms!

I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you! Thanks to each of you for your time, dedication and for supporting our efforts!

Marshall Northcott, Immediate Past Division G Governor


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