Top Ten Reasons to Charter a Toastmasters Club

After successfully chartering nine new clubs in my Division during the 2014/2015 term, I have been surprised to learn that some people don’t appreciate the need to grow the base of clubs and they have a great deal of resistance when it comes to chartering more clubs.  Personally I find this way of thinking rather pessimistic and negative.  In many markets we as an organization are under servicing the potential that exists in the market place.  In my opinion, the reasons for chartering new clubs far outweighs the reasons against.  Based on my experiences here are the top ten reasons why you should catch the fever and start new clubs in the geographic region that you serve!action

  1. You believe that this program is an excellent idea therefore you want to share the Educational program and the associated benefits with more people in order to positively impact more lives.
  1. Seize the opportunity to work with fresh minds and an excited group of new members who are eager to receive your guidance, assistance and expertise.
  1. The transferable leadership skills that you will develop as you walk through the various steps of the chartering process.
  1. The respect of your peers, the admiration of the people you help, and the pride that you feel as a result of successfully achieving your goal.
  1. The opportunity to give back to an organization that has made a difference in your life and pay it forward so that others will also be exposed to the program and gain from similar experiences.
  1. Meeting new people, making connections beyond your current sphere of influence and forging new relationships and friendships.
  1. To set an example of leadership and challenge yourself by committing to a project that you know is going to test and stretch you.
  1. To achieve a goal that; gives you credit towards the completion of your DTM, helps others do likewise (i.e. Club Mentor), sets the Area, Division and District up for success and sets the geographic area that you serve up for future success by adding more clubs and members to it.
  1. The pace setting leaders of any industry or flourishing organization know that it is the positive and optimistic thing to do and they understand the need to be growth oriented in order to meet the ever changing needs of a growing population base.
  1. You will have so much fun and learn so much doing this, with each new club that you charter it becomes easier and the enjoyment becomes addictive!

Some people get confused and start thinking that the only reason for chartering new clubs is to help the District meet high level goals and as a consequence get the accolades and recognition that they are aiming for within the District leadership team.  For that very reason I did not include this in my top ten reasons!  If the District successfully accomplishes their growth goals that is a byproduct of delivering an outstanding experience to the membership within the District.  When you put the members who are engaged in the Educational Program first and provide them with opportunities to achieve their communication and leadership goals then everybody wins.  In my mind a huge component of this is growth for the future.  It insulates the organization against club losses and clubs that have unplugged from the Educational Program and no longer maintain the recommended standards or offer new members the best overall experience.  Getting passionate about chartering new clubs is focused on the individual who wants to gain more from the leadership experience and pass the benefits of Toastmasters along to others!

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