Fifth Annual U.S. Bank Toastmaster of the Year

The Fifth Annual U.S. Bank Toastmaster of the Year is Sudhanwa Karmarkar!

Sudhanwa follows Bernardine “Bernie” Krupka of “Five Star Speakers” in Minneapolis, MN by winning this award.  Sudhanwa was nominated by his club for his tremendous efforts to charter a new club and its members.  Hear what fellow toastmasters had to say about our 1st place US Bank Toastmaster!

Sudhanwa Karmarkar – US Bank Michelson Toastmasters Club Vice President, Wealth Mgmt & Securities Svcs, Irvine, CA

“Sudh took the initiative to start the US Bank Michelson Toastmasters Club.  He has served as the VP of Education and as President.  He has facilitated the meetings from the start, encouraged others to join and to speak, and has become an amazing speaker.  He has given guidance and advice to others from making sure the meetings flow with ease, explaining to others the responsibilities of their roles, to giving speech advice.  The club wouldn’t be where it’s at without Sudh.”

“Sudh chartered the new club at US Bank Michelson Building in Irvine, California.  Sudh coached all the new club members who had no Toastmasters experience.  Sudhanwa built and developed the club website and gave extensive presentations to club members to use it for club purposes (FreeToast Host Website).  Sudhanwa defined the meeting agenda at each meeting, contest structure and was instrumental in building a strong club culture.”

“Sudhanwa has been our strongest leader from the very beginning.  We were chartered in October 2014 and Sudhanwa was instrumental in recruiting our initial charter members.  Sudhanwa ran for office and was elected VP of Education.  In this role, he helped the entire club learn to be Toastmasters.  Other Toastmasters that visit our club regularly comment that our club is just as strong as many very seasoned clubs.  Sudhanwa’s leadership style is both strong and nurturing. Sudhanwa is not only very involved in every aspect of our club, but also has volunteered for an Area event.  Although we have only been a club for less than 1 year, I think Sudhanwa would be an excellent candidate for Toastmaster of the Year based on his activities listed above, his dedication and the tremendous growth that he has fostered in our club so far.”

A toast from the U.S. Bank Toastmaster of the Year. The U.S. Bank Toastmaster of the year award goes to… Tuesday, September 22, 2015

With 24 Toastmasters clubs at U.S. Bank, many employees participate in Toastmasters to develop communication and leadership skills, which can directly impact their lives. Every year, each club nominates one person for the U.S. Bank Toastmaster of the Year Award.

For 2014-2015, the winner of the U.S. Bank Toastmaster of the Year Award is… drumroll, please…Sudhanwa Karmarkar, an investor reporting analyst in Wealth Management & Securities Services.

Sudhanwa (Sudh) became a member of Toastmasters less than a year ago to improve his public speaking and leadership skills. In October 2014, he helped charter the Toastmasters club at the Michelson Building in California and was instrumental in building the club culture, recruiting initial members and coaching all new members. Additionally, he’s recognized as one of the strongest leaders of the club and was elected President of the club.

A toast from Sudh:

Receiving this award fills me with a sense of joy and accomplishment. It adds fuel to keep working harder and reinforces my passion and belief in the Toastmasters program.

I instantly realized the amazing potential of this program. Coming from a small town in India, growing up with English as not being my first or second language, I seriously lacked communication skills, successful communication skills.

With Toastmasters, I broke out of my comfort zone and have become a better people person and a better listener. I’m able to quickly formulate a comforting, nurturing response for my customers, which helps make any problem simple and easy to fix and ensures consistently high customer service results.

I was promoted to Vice President this year, and I believe my improved communication skills and ability to lead and manage many projects and tasks simultaneously has been the driver for this progress and it is all thanks to the gift of Toastmasters.

I wish to thank my fellow club members for a wonderful year of growth and development. A special thanks also goes to my managers, Brian Scheff and Thomas Helms, for giving me an opportunity to work on my development, and also to my mentor Marshall Northcott, DTM, who guided me every step of the way. This award is as much theirs as it is mine.

Congratulations, Sudh.

Visit the Toastmasters at U.S. Bank community on US Book to find out more about Toastmasters.

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